Viewing of wildlife

Some of the tour operators are more specialized in wildlife viewing than others. You need experienced guides who know how to approach animals, specially elephants.


You may discover wildlife on your trekking tours specially N° 2 c, 3 b by passing or staying at crater lake, wildlife viewing platform has been constructed there, on which you can place your tent. Tours N°4, 5 , 6 offer good wildlife viewing opportunities around Nitele and Elephant Opening.


In discussion with the tour operator and guide you choose the tour which best corresponds to your wishes and eventually modify it. It may be necessary just to stay quiet for some hours in one of the places, which extends the described tours by a day.


Elephants and other wildlife like chimpanzee, Preuss Guenon, other monkeys, bushbuck and antilopes can be viewed in forest zones specially around water points as crater lake, Red lake, Bomana Lake, Nitele. Apart from Elephant opening; the antelopes are seen also in the savannah. You need to take particular attention to see wildlife. You better walk alone or in a small group and avoid noise. For sure you can combine bird watching and view of other wildlife.