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Welcome to Idenau

Idenau is a town in Cameroon located in the South-West region and the Fako department. It is part of the commune of West Coast. Idenau is known for its fishing port.

Idenau fishing port

45 km from Limbe on a good road you get to Idenau, another fishing and trading port. A small river is entering the sea and serves as natural port. Behind the steel bridge (from German Colonial time for railway transport) you can visit a number of fish smoking places. From here the road continues to the Bomboko side of the mountain. You can continue with some time all around the mountain the “Mount Cameroon Ring road” towards Muyuka, however from Idenau the road becomes stony (average speed 20 km/h).


Birdwatching on the sea and in the mangroves

A special experience is a bird watching trip by boat on the sea and in the mangroves of “Rio del Rey”. You start with the boat in Idenau, pass the ‘mud islands” at the entrance of the estuary and then navigate through mangroves and finally the river getting to Mundemba, stopping at Bulu Beach (10 km from Mundemba). You can observe marine birds on the beaches, the two pelicans species , and quite a number of birds in the mangroves and on the river side (eg Finfoot). Mundemba is the gate for a visit in Korup National park

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