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Trekking on the Mount Cameroon

The only available activity currently for visitors in the park is walking or trekking. By this activity you can have the chance to benefit of a number of specific attractions and points of interest.

it's possible to choose between different tours ranging from some hours, one day, to several days tour with overnight in the park.


Everybody can find something according to interest and physical condition (From children to seniors). Part of the tours are strenuous and need good physical condition. The trails lead through the different vegetation zones and landscapes as farmland, lowland, sub-monane and montane rainforest, grassland, pioneer vegetation on lava streams and volcanic rocks and volcanic ashfields. The variety of landscapes and ecosystems make the tours unique. The currently used trails are listed and further described below.


For more information see below

the eco-tourism map:



The park plans to develop and extend the trail

network in future, to put in place signalization and

organize permanent trail maintenance.

Mount Cameroon National Park Tours 

Overnights tours

In this kind of circuit you can benefit from the ecolodge as accomodation for the night. There is the choice between two days or three days. Most of the time with a start from Buea.


Half or full day tours

Half or full day tours.png

Equipment for trekking

Trails are often stony, narrow and the surface not smoothened. You need to wear firm shoes and to walk carefully, but no special mountaineer equipment is needed.


Specially in the grassland on higher altitude solar radiation (UV) is very strong. It is important to protect yourself by a cap or hat and treat you skin with sun cream. It is often very windy and cold in higher altitudes so a wind jacket which shall protect against wind and rain is needed. Even in the dry season you may experience short rainfalls specially towards the west coast. Temperatures are descending with higher altitudes (see climate). A woollen pullover or fleece jacket is needed, thick socks and for comfort a woollen cap. Take always one dry set of clothes for the night.


In the eco-lodges you will find beds, bedsheets and pillars and light is provided by the solar system from which you can charge also you phones but you should take always a torchlight with you. 

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