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Image de Ben Turnbull
Mount Cameroon Landscape discovery 

Observation of volcanism

The best tours to observe craters, lava flows, ash fields and other phenomena of volcanism are 2 a ,b, c and where you see the craters of 1999 (close to Mann’s Spring) and/or 2000 craters (close to the summit) and a lot of different lava flows and astonishing volcanic landscapes but you will discover volcanic activities also on the tours N° 3 a, 5,6, 8 and 9.



Caves have their interest in their own as part of the signs of volcanic activities but also as habitat of wildlife – quite some caves are sleeping places for bats on the mountain. You find caves on all tours passing from Fako Mountain Lodge to the summit (one at Fako Mountain Lodge, one on the way to hut 3). The most famous bat cave is found on the lava flow between Nitele and Elephant opening (Tour 4,5,6); however they are quite some other bat caves on the mountain – your tour operator and guide can give you more information.


The most beautiful waterfall in the National Park to visit is Mbonge Waterfall (Tour N° 11). You will enjoy also the lowland rainforest around.

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